a better way to build


We are commercial builders, deeply experienced
and always excited by new projects.

The only thing we love more than an audacious sketch on a napkin is an audacious project completed, on time and on budget.

We complete spaces for people to work, play and make the world a better place. We are innovators and construction experts. You have a vision that we will help you achieve. Together, your ideas and building become real.

We are a seasoned contractor infused with the energy of a startup. We learn from the best of yesterday while pioneering new practices for tomorrow.

We are AVARA.

what can we build for you?

We’re creating a better way to build,
and it begins with you.


We created Avara so that we could tell success stories. Creating unbelievable results requires innovative thinking, and to us this begins with improving the entire conversation around construction work. Avara Construction is a response to the old way of doing construction business. We are here to actively engage with our clients and our partners.

We all have the same goal; let’s build it together.

We know that there are going to be details that need to be confirmed, schedules that can’t slip, and budgets that must be met. We actively work with you to get it done. We create an environment that is win-win. We take responsibility and seek opportunities to provide solutions.

Innovative Ideas.

The Best Team.

Seamless Execution.

We are AVARA.

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We’re builders second and partners first, partners in our clients’ missions and advocates for their dreams. We’re a collection of innovators and problem-solvers, not resistant head-shakers. Our diverse backgrounds give us strength to solve problems. We have chosen to be here because we want to work with the best. Delivering the best, comprised of the brightest.

Benjamin Petter

Sam McGillis
Senior VP / Senior PM

Jason Jensen
Vice President

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You have the dream, we know how to build it.

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