About Our Company

We Created Avara So That We Could Tell Success Stories

Why Avara

Avara Construction is a response to the old way of doing construction business.

Creating unbelievable results requires innovative thinking, and to us this begins with improving the entire conversation around construction work. We are here to actively engage with our clients and our partners. We all have the same goal; let’s build it together.

We know that there are going to be details that need to be confirmed, schedules that can’t slip, and budgets that must be met. We actively work with you to get it done. We create an environment that is win-win. We take responsibility and seek opportunities to provide solutions.

We take care of our team, and we prioritize the needs of our service partners. Our approach results in a more efficient project delivery, and we're able to pass this value along to our clients.


We're builders second and partners first, partners in our clients' missions and advocates for their dreams. We're a collection of innovators and problem-solvers. We have chosen to be here because we want to work with the best, Delivering the the best, comprised of the brightest.


Relationships First. 

It's a Better Way to Build.


We exist to construct quality working spaces which work for you.

Teamwork - Innovative - Responsive - Trusting - Professional - Consistent


  • We support each other and the common mission.
  • Relationships are everything.
  • We are innovative and growth-oriented.
  • We always do the right thing.
  • The little things matter.
Having worked on the investment side of real estate, Avara understands the business from the owner’s perspective. They know what the market demands and has used that knowledge to help consistently deliver value on our projects.
Nathan Rimmer, Pistol Creek
What we appreciated most about working with Ben and his team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.
Gerry Pigotti, Gibraltar Investments
The job was done on time and with excellent quality. Avara stayed until 100% of the work was complete. The Avara Team actively anticipated and communicated potential issues. I was impressed by their ability to plan the job so accurately.
Anonymous Commercial Project
The Avara Team are Rock Stars! I appreciated the time the Project Manager took upfront to meet with us and review the scope. The Superintendent was great working with our creative manager which really helped move things along.
John Geddis, Pendleton Woolen Mills
Avara delivered a completed project on the agreed upon date at the agreed upon quote. I would recommend their team and construction services to any company or individual looking for quality work at a fair price.​
Andrew McDonald, ARM, Inc.
Avara was involved on a couple of tech start-up projects with tight schedules and limited budgets. They ensured that their performance, quality and expectations were met. The end results were fantastic.
Marvin Yamaguchi, AIA, mYamaguchi Architects