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Advantages of Design-Build

Design-build is a method of project delivery that occurs under one contract. 

It’s essentially one-stop shopping where the project owner works one-on-one with the design build team to both design and build the project. It’s based on the age old concept of the master builder who accepted full responsibility for both designing and constructing the project. In recent years, this concept has been reborn as design-build and has grown 40% in the last 15 years, making it one of the most significant trends in design and construction today.

What are the Advantages of Design-Build?

From the initial concept to completion, having one team do it all has many advantages. These advantages are what sets design-build projects apart from traditional design-bid-build projects, making them the preferred project delivery system for many clients. Here are a few of those advantages:

  • Everyone on the Same Team - When an owner gets to work with one design-build company, everyone is on the same team. The architects, designers, engineers, and construction team are all working together with the property owner to find solutions and build the project on time and within budget. This integrated approach leads to more energy being focused on accomplishing the project within the client’s objectives. This in turn leads to a reduction of changes, a reduction of energy spent defining and clarifying the project, and a reduction of obstacles.
  • Transparency from the Start - From the very early conception stages, design-build allows for a unique kind of transparency in the construction process. It encourages the project team to trust each other and communicate more clearly. This speeds up the process of design adjustments, defining the scope of work, and pricing and executing the work.
  • Total Accountability - When the same entity is responsible for designing and building the project, much more attention is given to pricing and scheduling during the design phase. This total accountability results in lower construction costs, faster project delivery, and fewer disputes. With design-build there is less likelihood of things falling through the cracks due to scope of work issues.
  • Expediency of Project Delivery - Unlike traditional design-bid-build projects, design-build projects benefit from an integrated approach early on. This allows design, engineering, permitting, pricing, and performing the work to occur simultaneously. This expedites the project and makes for a smoother process. In fact, studies have shown that design-build projects are constructed at least 12% faster than traditional design-bid-build projects.
  • Experience Along the Way - Design-build firms are experts in both the design field and the construction field. When licensed architects, engineers, and construction managers come together, your dream can easily become a reality because they know how to work together to build what you need as efficiently as possible.
  • Adaptive and Responsive in the Field - Design-build creates an environment that is highly adaptive and responsive in the field. Time isn’t wasted when issues arise. Instead, the entire design-build team focuses on solutions and serious decisions can be revisited during construction without costly change orders or additional fees. This allows for a faster delivery of the project. According to one Penn State study, design-build projects are delivered 33% faster overall than traditional design-bid-build projects.
  • Cost Savings – Researchers at The Construction Industry Institute, the University of Texas at Austin, the International Group for LEAN Construction, and Penn State have each examined the real world application of design-build in their own comprehensive studies. They all concluded that design-build was the most economical and efficient project delivery system in the construction industry today. The Penn State study found that per unit cost, design-build cost at the very least 4.5% less.

While design-build might not be the right choice for every project, it may be right for you and your project. When you meet with the experienced design-build team at Avara, we can discuss your vision for the project, your overall goals, and your budget to help determine if design-build is right for you. We are passionate about being involved in every phase of our clients’ projects and it shows.

You have the Dream - We Can Build It

 At Avara, we are solutions-focused, innovative design-builders that will work tirelessly to turn your project ideas into a reality. We actively work with you every step of the way, from conception to completion, to ensure that all of your project’s goals are met on-time and within budget. You have the dream. We know how to build it. Call us today at 206.365.4440