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Building Better Spaces Through Culture

Is your current office design supporting or hindering your company’s growth and productivity?

Building out of an existing space can be challenging but often necessary. Creating a business environment that is functional and beautiful is the key to fostering office interaction, productivity, and communication. At Avara, we understand that innovation and collaboration in the workplace starts with building the right culture. And we know that building the right culture starts with building the right space. If you want to build a culture of teamwork, diversity and empowerment, your office space must convey those values. If your office space is designed with barriers that promote hierarchy and control, this can hinder your growth and jeopardize your future.

Your organization’s culture is your company’s set of values, attitudes, and behaviors. It is what sets your company apart from your competitors and what will ultimately determine your future success. Transforming your office culture isn’t easy, but with the right team of thinkers and builders on your side, it can be successful. At Avara, we are innovators and construction experts that are dedicated to helping you achieve your vision of creating a culture of trust, integrity, integration and empowerment.

How do we do this?

We are always looking for ways to support our clients’ greater mission and we take personal responsibility for our clients and for helping them achieve their greater goals. We aren’t just building a space - we are building a culture, and that is something we never forget. 

At Avara, we believe that the values we hold should be extended to all members of our team - our clients, our internal teammates, and our service partners. To do this, we communicate often and clearly, and we believe in being proactive about our approach from the very start. This allows us to be efficient, while mitigating the risks throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Change Your Space; Change Your Culture

For companies that are serious about changing their culture, the first step is to meet with our team of designers and builders. We can help you analyze your office needs and determine the right approach for realizing organizational change through design. We can show you how different office designs influence the culture of your office and ultimately affect your growth. 

Although profoundly changing the culture of your organization can take years, building the right space to facilitate innovation, communication, and collaboration is the first necessary step. Successful organizations are intentional by design. We can help you visualize and realize this success.

You have the Dream - We Can Build It

At Avara, we are solutions-focused, innovative builders with the raw energy of a startup. We can help you achieve your business goals and turn your ideas into a reality. We actively work with you every step of the way to ensure that all of the project’s goals are met on-time and within budget. You have the dream. We know how to build it. Call us today at 206.365.4440